My first attempt on claymation. 
My love for Apple products encouraged me to paint iPhone apps. To do this painting in one big canvas was not charming enough and I decided to get each app on individual canvases. I was excited about the idea and though it was unique and head to the art store and got small square canvases. What I didn't know was, this is going to take a very long time.  

I sketched each of these app painting and all the apps I painted were the ones on my iPhone. Once I started painting them I realized how intricate these apps are and working on a real small 3"X3" canvas and to get all the intricacies in them was a challenge.   Each small canvas was a whole painting in itself and I had to do 20 small paintings. Its was a slow process and it took me close to a month to complete this one. But I definitely did enjoy painting them. :)

My husband and I planned to make a stop motion video of my painting. He helped me setup the camera. The camera was set to take a picture every 2 mins while I was painting. The images were then fed into iMovie to make a stop motion video. Every 0.2 seconds the image changes in sequence to make this video.