Let's get the dirty job done first. Yes, the hardest part in painting is cleaning the palette. :o) 
My husband used to clean the palette before I start painting until last time when I asked him to do the same, he taught me how to do it. Hmm.. now I don't know if I'll get help anymore. 


So how to clean the palette? 
1) Soak the palette in water for about 5 to 10 minutes. 
2) Use an old credit card or any of these grocery shop cards and scrape the paints off.
3) Wash and add little soap water and scrape the excess paints
4) Wash them all off and ta-da ready for my new painting. 

This is such an exciting news to share with you all. Found a nice space to put my art work, its Hot Breads Cafe at Morrisville, NC. 

Special thanks to Hot Breads Cafe for letting me display my work.