I'm delighted to share the news about my art work being exhibited at Wake County Commissioners Office, Raleigh NC from January 24th till April 4th 2013. 

I got this opportunity to display my work through United Arts Council

Wish me more such exhibits this year.

P.S. Pictures coming soon. 
Used my friend's faces as well as mine as a canvas and did some face painting. Half skeleton (Mani), Zombie (Sandhya), BIG mouth (myself). Happy Halloween ya'll!
I visited New York earlier this year and went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and fell in love with Van Gogh's Starry Night. I decided then that I need to paint this sometime. With the help of hubby I made a stop motion video to help see the painting in stages. The photo was clicked every 2 minutes while I was painting. I started Starry Night on a Sunday and have been painting every evening and finished it on Friday. (You'll see the change of dress everyday. :o) ) It took me a total of about 6.5 hours to complete this painting and I'm quiet happy how the painting turned out. 
Created another claymation video. Enjoy!
Recently I enjoyed an art class on "Color Confidence" by Kimberlee Maselli through Jerry's Artarama. The class was all about colors and use of them and mixing them the right way in your palette. A great deal of understanding the color wheel and getting those different gray shades, concept of light and dark. A very informative and useful class. We were given a challenging project of painting a small brick and bringing the exact colors with the basic red, yellow and blue paint. At the end of the class we were given about 20 mins to do a painting using all the concepts that were taught that day. The painting of the meadow above was done in that give time.

My colleague Simone requested a painting for her bed room and she said she wanted something with red, black and white in them. I was definitely excited to start a new painting project.

 I bought groupons to buy paints from my favorite store Jerry's Artarama and decided my next set of paintings are going to have a dominant red, black and white colors in them with a gallery set for those colors alone. Going to start with a 3 piece painting for my colleague first.

Wait for more updates. 
Let's get the dirty job done first. Yes, the hardest part in painting is cleaning the palette. :o) 
My husband used to clean the palette before I start painting until last time when I asked him to do the same, he taught me how to do it. Hmm.. now I don't know if I'll get help anymore. 


So how to clean the palette? 
1) Soak the palette in water for about 5 to 10 minutes. 
2) Use an old credit card or any of these grocery shop cards and scrape the paints off.
3) Wash and add little soap water and scrape the excess paints
4) Wash them all off and ta-da ready for my new painting. 

This is such an exciting news to share with you all. Found a nice space to put my art work, its Hot Breads Cafe at Morrisville, NC. 

Special thanks to Hot Breads Cafe for letting me display my work. 
My first attempt on claymation. 
My love for Apple products encouraged me to paint iPhone apps. To do this painting in one big canvas was not charming enough and I decided to get each app on individual canvases. I was excited about the idea and though it was unique and head to the art store and got small square canvases. What I didn't know was, this is going to take a very long time.  

I sketched each of these app painting and all the apps I painted were the ones on my iPhone. Once I started painting them I realized how intricate these apps are and working on a real small 3"X3" canvas and to get all the intricacies in them was a challenge.   Each small canvas was a whole painting in itself and I had to do 20 small paintings. Its was a slow process and it took me close to a month to complete this one. But I definitely did enjoy painting them. :)